As one of our members you’ll get to reach more connections than ever before, thanks to our community and ever-growing audience.

The membership is 300 EUR annually.

A member paying an annual fee of 300 EUR (that’s only 25 EUR a month!) receives benefits that more than pay for themselves.

Benefits include, a budget friendly way to promote and grow your business internationally, access to the community, access to events, our secret Facebook groups where you can connect to businesses from all over the world for service provider recommendations, tips etc., a range of perks and discounts, more visibility to other interested parties, social media visibility, opportunities for collaborations and to contribute to our community, opportunities to increase sales and find new partners, attain new clients and tell others about your business, exchange ideas to better your product or service.

Referral Programme
Refer new members to the community and get rewarded. When your referral joins the Drum community and has paid the membership fee, you’ll earn 30 EUR. The more people you refer to Drum, the more you can earn!