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Drum connects small brands with global stores, agents, influencers, creatives and consumers. The community is powered by all it's members, who provide each other with trade, knowledge, connection and support. 

Our networking platform is for people around the world to list, discover and introduce their business.

Finding the right products, services, collaborators, connections and help has never been this easy.

Oh my goodness, DRUM networking is simply amazing! It connects me with others who can really help me.

Abbie Kalmi LULUROX

Become a member and get discovered

Drum is a win-win for brands looking to grow globally and retailers, agents, creatives and influencers looking for new products, jobs, customers or clients.

As one of our members you’ll get to reach more connections than ever before, thanks to our community and ever-growing audience.

Our membership is FREE !!!

Benefits of DRUM

  •  Find customers, clients, jobs and partners
  •  Save money and time
  •  Build your professional network
  •  Increase exposure for your products or services
  •  Find opportunities
  •  Increase credibility and attract new business
  •  Increase your referral and knowledge base
  •  Make better, right connections
  •  Find key influencers, stores, brands, agents, creatives to collaborate with without high agency or platform fees
  •  Brands and stores, deal directly with each other. No distributors needed.
  •  No need to visit costly and time-consuming trade fairs, as you can find the products, resellers and connections via DRUM
  •  Influencers, deal directly with brands without agency or platform retainers and fees
  •  Find encouragement and support
  •  Receive discounts from our community and partners



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