The first global community for small consumer brands,stores, influencers and creatives


The first global community that empowers you to work worldwide with small brands, stores, creatives and influencers.


We’re here. Finally, an ecosystem where you can create valuable and meaningful connections.

Coffee with Friends


At DRUM Networking, we believe in building a community. Our platform was made for small brands, stores, creatives and influencers to create a connected ecosystem. Our mission is simple: build relationships.


Our exclusive platform gives you the opportunity to find amazing people just like you (and it’s free to sign up). There are no strings attached. All you need to do is connect and share with like-minded individuals and brands. This is an all-in-one platform for you to give advice, get help, gain knowledge and get leads.


DRUM Networking was started by Katja Hyytiäinen, and she’s worked with many small brands to help them build their business. But she noticed they all had the same problems with a lack of visibility, a lack of connections, and a lack of support. This led her to create a solution. She could either try to solve these problems one-on-one (which would take forever!) or she could foster a community. DRUM Networking was made for you.


With the right tools and resources, any business can thrive. We’re here to give you the right tools to help you jumpstart your business. Our success stories are measured by the money made, knowledge gained, and collaborators found through our platform.



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 We choose our partnerships, based on how they can help our members.

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