Drum is a win-win for brands looking to grow globally and retailers, agents, creatives and influencers looking for new products or clients.

As one of our members you’ll get to reach more connections than ever before, thanks to our community and ever-growing audience.

Our membership is FREE !!!

Benefits of DRUM

  • Opportunity to connect with global brands, stores, agents, creatives and influencers
  • Opportunity to offer your products or services to a global community
  • The more people find your product or service the less you have to rely on investment money
  • Opportunity to find products or services from a global community
  • Opportunity to be a member of a community who wants to help each other run profitable businesses
  • Opportunity to learn from a diverse community
  • Opportunity to network with peers and meet new people within or through the DRUM ecosystem
  • Encouragement and support
  • The membership being free, DRUM offers a budget friendly way to promote and grow your business internationally
  • Access to our events (monthly coffee mornings, activity sessions, workshops, discovery events, pop-ups etc.)
  • Access to our forum where you can find out from other members service provider tips, recommendations, jobs, arrange meetups, exchange ideas to better your product or service
  • More visibility (get featured in our social media and be found by other members through our directory)
  • Opportunities to collaborate and contribute
  • No need to attend many expensive trade shows, as you can find the connections via DRUM
  • Influencers (get to connect directly with possible partners without agency retainers or fees)
  • Opportunities to increase sales and find new partners
  • A range of perks and discounts (discounts from other members and partners)
  • Potential partners are more interested by a community compared to individual companies (which means you are able to get better deals)